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Medical Release

2012 - 2013

Certified Divers - Transportation not included. See notes below.


Our Gear *

Your Gear **

Single Tank Dive



Two - Three Tank Dive (1 day)

 * see note below   $50.00 per dive

$45.00 per dive

Four - Five Tank Dive Package (2 days)

$45.00 per dive

$40.00 per dive

Six to Seven Tank Dive Package (3 days)

$42.50 per dive

$37.50 per dive

Eight to Nine Tank Dive Package (4 days)

$40.00 per dive

$35.00 per dive

Ten (or more) Tank Dive Package (5 Days)

$36.00 per dive

$32.00 per dive

EAN Tank fills (currently unavailable)

$6.00 per tank with dive pkg

$12.00 per tank without dive pkg

Night Dives

$70.00 per dive

Rates include BC, Regulator, mask, fins, snorkel, weights, tank  and guide.  ** Free Pickup for up to 5 persons can be arranged from villas and hotels in Runaway Bay, Negril  and Discovery Bay with a minimum of a two person or two tank dive package. 

* FUEL SURCHARGE - If you require roundtrip transportation. Montego Bay divers pay listed prices for all divers + $30 per day per person, Falmouth divers pay $20 per day per person and Ocho Rios divers pay listed prices for all divers + $15 per day per person

** Dives on Sunday at the FDR Hotel are by special arrangement and will use the "Our Gear" prices for all persons. Our operating hours are 8:45am - 4pm except at the FDR Hotels where we are not open on Sundays.



Approx. Course Length

Cost in US $ as of Jan 1, 2012

Discover SCUBA

3-4 hrs

Pool Only $ 58.00
 + Ocean Dive Add +$ 68.00

PADI Bubble Makers

for kids 8-10 years in the Pool.

(Pool $58 + Crew Pak $37) $ 95.00


1-2 days

$ 345.00

PADI Open Water Cert.

2-3 days, 4 Ocean Dives

$ 442.00

NAUI Open Water Cert.

2-3 days, 5 Ocean Dives

$ 463.00

PADI, SSI, SDI Open Water Referral

2 days for 4 Ocean Dives.

starts at $ 270.00

NAUI Open Water Referral

2 days for 5 Ocean Dives.

starts at $ 335.00

Private O/W Certification


$ 558.00

** Rates include BC, Sherwood Regulator, mask, fins, snorkel, weights, tank  and guide. Free Pickup with any Continuing Education Program.  If trips to Discovery Bay are required to complete the certification there will be an addition fee of $20 per day. Text Books and registration fees are included for the above classes unless otherwise mentioned. Discounts and Savings can be had for families getting certified. DVDs are Not Included in the cost.

Continuing Education - PADI & NAUI

Adventure Diver *

 1 - 2 days, 3 Dives

starts at $ 208.00

Advanced Open Water *

 2-3 days, 5 Dives

 starts at $ 318.00

NAUI Advanced Open Water *

1 NIGHT DIVE 2-3 days, 6 Dives

 starts at $ 388.00

Rescue Diver

  3-4 days

$ 498.00

PADI Emergency First Response CPR

 4 Hours

$ 150.00

Scuba Refresher (basic)

 1/2 hr

$ 30.00

PADI Scuba Refresher (full)

3hrs, includes 1 dive and text book.

$ 95.00


Includes Nitrox Manual, Tables. No diving, theory only.

$ 99.00

PADI Specialities

see availability

Click here for rates

* The following Adventure and Advanced Open water dives attract surcharges.

Night Dive

$ 70

Nitrox Dive

age 15+ 

$ 40

Underwater Photography

 (requires U/W camera)



per dive


Underwater Videography


$ 65

All prices are subject to change without notice and may not be reflected on this site. Some terms and restrictions may apply on some of our services. * Some Continuing Education classes require a text book and DVD that must be purchased seperately.